1928 Beacon Air Mail Stamp Original Art Photograph by Nathaniel Dewell

This is the original artwork, a hand tinted “color” photographic composite, from which the first 5 cent air mail stamp was created, the well known “Beacon” Air Mail Stamp. This is a rather famous piece in philatelic circles, and has been … Read More

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Banner Peak Clearing, Island Pass (#3)

Since my last visit to this most exquisite of the many jewels of the Sierra, I have come to think of the Ritter-Banner massif as the Mt. Shuksan of California, its form being evocative of an idealized graceful mountain geometry. … Read More

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Gates of the Valley, Spring (#5)

I was on my way out of Yosemite Valley following a few days of photographing when this early spring scene at an often documented site presented itself to me. Even though the tourist tram makes regular stops here to allow … Read More

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WO-CHI (Light Streak) (#5)

Is this an actual object presented with photographic realism? An abstract form? WO-CHI is a study of perceived dimensionality represented in richly tonal two dimensional form. Receding within the darkness of deep shadow are at least three planes of sandstone … Read More

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