Portrait of A Woman

This color pencil and pastel on paper by Vivian Rydren, shows the portrait of a beautiful young woman in elegant attire. As she looks outside the boundary of the canvas, the viewer can only wonder who caught her attention?

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Southern Landscape (A set of 3 bound platinum prints and a handbound book with an additional 11 prints)

This book and print set includes 3 loose, 10×12-inch platinum/palladium/gold prints that are signed by Sally Mann. The book contains an additional 11 prints initialed by Sally Mann and text by Harvard Professor John Stauffer, printed letterpress. The edition is … Read More

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The Bridge (A platinum print and book set)

New York was an obvious theme that John Wood, 21st Editions Editor and co-founder, gravitated toward. Our previous collaborations with Sheila Metzner in “The Journal of Contemporary Photography, Volumes II and V,” helped us to understand the life-long and very … Read More

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