A Move to Joy

color pencil, graphite over mixed media background, on archival paper. Abstract image, can be seen as a landscape. Based on sketches of cut paper strips, arranged in swirling, rhythmical forms.

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Our landscape is changing as global warming, Gmo’s and endless eternal plastic garbage ruin our earth. My image shows a tragic but still beautiful natural world.

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The Human Briar

A meticulously detailed composition showing swirling bands of color and suggestions of thorns in the foreground, with complex organic forms being visible beyond these shapes, creating a depth of perspective. The symbolism being the trials and tribulations of the human … Read More

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Thoughts Above the Trees

color pencil and graphite over markers and diluted paint. Surreal landscape appearing to show brightly colored flowers or trees with an optimistic bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Shapes and forms when observed closely suggest human skin, veins, and … Read More

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