Swift Transition ~ limited edition hand signed/numbered artwork

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This image is bursting with energy in tones of electric blue and effervescent whites. Sweeping lines radiate out from the diver. Plunging into the water is a metaphor for a sudden transition; somewhat with abandon short of recklessness. It is a celebration of exhilaration, a carefree lifestyle where one reaps the rewards of taking risks while others stand on the sidelines. Whether you bask in the pleasure of adventure or purely enjoy dreaming of daring exploits, this artwork applauds a lifestyle that is unafraid of experiences. Only half of the figure, from posterior to toe, is visible; the rest of the figure has plunged into the water. The legs are rendered in a rosy warmth I love working with water and other liquids. The ungovernable nature of liquid provides a balance between order and chaos; I can predict the general nature of the image, but the exact details are left to chance. A constantly moving mirror and lens, the liquid provides intricate visual surprises. Limited to 3 archival photographs, each signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas Image size: 40×60 inches, 102×152 cm Paper size: 42×62 inches, 107×157 cm Unframed Shipped rolled in a solid double-walled tube (PVC outer shell) Prints are packed with the utmost care, shipped insured, and guaranteed to arrive undamaged

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